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What is iPlatforms technology platform?

iPlatforms is a white label, modular technology platform providing secure, cloud based, front-to-back online fund and investor administration.

Why use iPlatforms for operations?

iPlatforms is committed to continuously challenging the processes and controls on an ongoing basis driving efficiency in operations in addition to their effectiveness and relevance over time.

What is GreenID?

iPlatforms has a built in fully electronic process using GreenID. The process adheres strictly to industry standards for the verification of individuals and entities.

Is it secure?

iPlatforms has implemented a comprehensive number of authorisation controls around its end-to-end process, limiting user access and user authority, ensuring all regulations are satisfied.

Who has access to my data?

Administration access to investor information is restricted and controlled internally at director level.

What can you view on the investor dashboard?

iPlatforms dashboard is designed to give the investor a complete view of all relevant details of their investments covering value, distributions and when capital calls are due.